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Please note: my trading services are only available through T3 Live.

Free Trading eBooks

I recommend that traders start with my 100% free eBooks.

Each eBook covers one key piece of my trading strategy, and is designed for easy, fast reading. 

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Averages

Learn how I use moving averages to guide my trading approach and analyze stocks. Downloaded by 12,000+ traders so far!

Red Dog Risk Management

Understand my Tier System for trade management, how I use a "Personal Alarm System" to dump bad stocks, and more!

20 Keys to Trading Success

A successful trading career is built upon bedrock principles. There is more to making money than charts and indicators.

Premium Subscription Services

If you're ready to take the next step and get my analysis on a day-to-day basis, check out my premium services for serious day and swing traders.

The Redler Report Newsletter

The Redler Report is my flagship service, consisting of my Morning Note newsletter, Morning Call Video, Daily Recap Video, and Private Twitter feed. 

This service is great for active day and swing trader looking for a daily game plan, with additional real-time analysis.

I share all the stocks, ETFs, cryptos, and altcoins I'm eyeing, including the exact levels that could spur me to take action. Ava

The Alpha Team Room on the Virtual Trading Floor®

Want to see what I'm trading in real time? And learn why I do what I do while I'm doing it?

Then Alpha Team is for you. 

You can see my positions updated as I buy and sell. I also explain the reasoning behind my actions, and interact with room members.

Plus, you get additional analysis from my co-moderator Dan Darrow.

Redler All-Access

Want All-Access? It's here!

With Redler All-Access, you get both The Redler Report and the Alpha Team VTF® Room.

This way, you get my complete daily game plan PLUS the real-time power of Alpha Team.

If you are a serious trader looking to step your idea flow in a big time way, check out Redler All-Access today.

Trading Courses

Path to Profits

Path to Profits is a high-speed, 2 hour introduction to my trading style.

You'll learn about trend analysis, trade management, plus my proprietary trading techniques like the Red Dog Reversal and H-Sell Setup.

This way, you can start your trading journey on the right foot, or simply build up your trading arsenal.

Redler Ultimate Access

Redler Ultimate Access is a full video replay of a 2-day, $4,995 training event held in Boca Raton, Florida.

Scott breaks down every detail of his technical analysis and trading strategies so you can make them your own. Everything from day trading to swing trading to IPOs to breakouts to reversals.

Think of it as your road map to trading success, created by a professional trader with 20+ years of successful trading experience.

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