Frequently Asked Questions

Are You a Real Trader?

Yes! I am a licensed professional trader with T3 Trading Group, which requires me to list my real positions in my premium services

Where Can I Find You on Social Media?

I'm @reddogt3 on Twitter. And I'm @scottredlert3 on Instagram.

Ignore all other accounts - they are imposters. And since we're on this topic, I will never instant message you to sell you anything.

My YouTube channel is under construction, so stay tuned there! For now, check out this playlist on the T3 Live channel.

What Is Your Trading Style?

I am primarily a technical analyst, and I do a mix of day and swing trading. I follow the news flow and broad fundamentals, but I'm primarily focused on how stocks react.

What Instruments Do You Trade?

In the past, I was primarily a stock trader. Now I trade a mix of stocks, options, ETF's, cryptos, and altcoins.

Why Don't You Trade Futures?

Because my day is long enough as it is!

Where Do You Trade?

I trade through T3 Trading Group.

Why Do You Trade With T3 Trading?

Because we have a great team I trust. 

How Can I Trade With T3 Trading?

I'd start by watching this webinar by my buddy Derrick Oldensmith. It will walk you through getting started.

Do You Ever Short?

I primarily trade from the long side. However, I sometimes use short ETF hedges and short call options to take advantage of downward movements in both the market and individual names.

How Can I Learn Your Trading Style?

Start with my free eBooks. Then if you feel ready, you can step up to my paid services.

What Is Your #1 Tip for New Traders?

Start learning, and build a daily routine you love. If you don't have a routine you love, you're never gonna do it.

Do You Offer Personalized Investment Advice?


Can You Manage My Money for Me?


How Can I Book You for a Media Appearance?

Click here to reach my team.

Do You Offer 1:1 Mentoring?

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to mentor traders on a 1:1 basis.

However, I try to teach as much as possible in both The Redler Report and the Alpha Team VTF® room.

Yes, I throw fish in your boat by sharing ideas, but I also teach you to fish.

What Is the #630club?

The #630club is my name for the group of traders that I get together with on Instagram early in the morning. I'm a big believer in getting up early and starting before the competition does.

What Time Do You Wake Up?

4:45 a.m. ET.

How Do You Have So Much Energy to Get Through the Day?

First, I love what I do. 

And second, I take off in the middle of every day for a workout. That recharges my brain so I can finish the day strong. 

What's Your Favorite Food?

A steak sandwich with well-done brussel sprouts.

Where Does the Name "Red Dog" Come From?

I'll tell you the story over drinks one day... maybe.

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